NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


I made the mistake of looking through that Instagram… leading up to the grand opening, they were posting a lot of previous iterations of the building. Just made me sad lol



Fencing is down around the west (main lobby entrance) and most of the north sides, but there’s still fencing and work going on on the other sides. It is nice to have things a bit more opened up. It looks like there’s still quite a lot of work left to be done inside the retail spaces.

The lower lobby entrance isn’t open yet.


Great shots man! From what I’ve been told the lobby entrance from the Oculus will open by years end and the retail portion Q1 2019.



What a Stunning shot of 3 WTC Podium and Entrance


Wow, looks great!


Does anyone know if EarthCam is doing a Three WTC time lapse? I tried asking on their channel but they never got back.


They will probably upload it once the rest of the glass gets put in on the “zipper” and when the sidewalk finishes up as well.


A “3” for 1 deal in this shot. Love how the towers reflect each other. Taken today.




As you can see bushes and plants are now being placed on top of 3 WTCs podium.