NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


The reporter mentioned that Towers 2 and 5 are still to come. Really hearing a lot of stuff about Tower 5 recently.


Same here. You never really ever used to hear them mention the new 5 WTC. I wonder if the P.A. plans on starting to seriously market the plot soon. With 2 WTC still on hold and soley Larry’s responsibility the P.A. can focus on doing something with Tower 5 now that basically everything else at the Trade Center is in order.


From the other side. This appeared on the @wtc Instagram story:


Pretty glad my friend lives downtown. Always get to walk through here.


They have finished paving the road in front of 3WTC and the Oculus just in time for Monday.


I like that lighting a lot


Nice shot of the bmu on the podium.



The southern plaza of the Oculus is now open. Less than 2 hours until the opening ceremony begins.






They just played a very cool time lapse on the livestream.


Happy opening day! What a journey for this tower.


The tower is now officially open. It’s been great to follow along on the construction of this tower :grin:


I won’t lie: I cried a little.

New York! America!


3 WTC is now open which makes it the fifth tallest building.




Here are some photos around the plaza between 3WTC and Oculus as well as other places around the site.

Tribeca Citizen


“Podium is at 205 feet…2nd terrace at 934 feet above street level”-Richard Paul