NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


The updated render


I hope renderings in the year 2050 still have 2001 Crown Vics, keepin’ it real!


Speaking of Crown Vics, I kind of miss them being the predominant taxi. Its just not the same with Nissans and Toyotas.

And now they have these new ambulance tones rolling out that resemble the ones in Europe.


South Plaza between 3 WTC and Oculus is opening along with the Tower on June 11th.


lol does that mean they have less than 2 weeks to close that zipper on the back?


That will probably be finished in the weeks following the opening. I think the only areas that will be open for a few months will be the Oculus plaza side and the west side will be open. I’m sure the Church St. side will be open in a few months, although I have no idea when Cortland Way will open.





Walked by this yesterday. They’re making some progress with the zipper in the back. My guess would say they’ve covered up to the 8th floor or so. Won’t be long til we’re thanking the good lord Ramses for delivering another complete supertall unto us!



Ok so way past the 8th floor haha


On the 23rd right now


Hm. They are in the process of removing a decent amount of fencing on the church street side of 3 WTC. I’m confused as to why since it’s nowhere near being ready. Anywho here’s a screen grab from EarthCam:


Silverstein on CNBC right now talking about 3 WTC, the site, and the NY office building boom. Will try to post the interview later today if available.


I’m sure this tower will get plenty of media coverage for its opening.


And here is the Interview Exodias was talking about. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the hint…


I wonder what these companies he is talking about when he mentioned tower 2.

Anyway, here is another video they have talking about the boom in Lower Manhattan as well.


Hope the mech lights get turned on on the 11th. Only thing missing from the night-time appearance.


Some new signage they were putting up on the retail podium of 3 WTC. Reminds me a little bit of the signage around the old complex. I like that they included 7 WTC, I feel like it’s always the outcast:


Big “3” printed on the glass of 3 WTC. I was wondering if they would put a number on this. Check out an exclusive look at Tower 3 from NBC: