NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


I wonder which will open first, the Comcast Technology Center or this. They both open in June


A few days old, but progress on filling in the “zipper”:



This one definitely looks best in the sunset. The cross bracing just lights up. Also, the pinstripes on the south side of the building add to the glow effect.


Agreed! The cross bracing/pin stripes also catch the sun enough that it evokes the way the twins corners used to do the same. 1 WTC also has this affect a lot, usually on nice sunny mornings.


Found this awesome shot of an almost completed 3 WTC lobby! I think Tower 3 may have my favorite lobby out of the new towers so far. Wish Tower 1 could be as open as 2-4’s lobbies are/will be.

From “pjcprod” on instagram:


If you told me that was a rendering I’d believe you, awesome find!


That’s a beautiful lobby, whoever gets to walk through that lobby to and from work everyday will be fortunate. 1 WTC lobby is basically a featureless giant bunker.


Uh I hope they fix that dent :anguished:

Photocred: @syedagmalali on Instagram


There’s a great video inside of 3WTC’s lobby on nycurbanism 's story.


Omg they better! And why am I seeing no “3 World Trade Center” signage anywhere? Just 175 Greenwich. I hope they include 3 somewhere like the other towers have.


I don’t even see 175G anywhere. Do you have a pic of any signage?


The pic baronson posted above if you zoom in it’s printed above the door in the center! Still no sight of any “3 World Trade Center” anywhere on the tower.


Thanks, I should have looked a little closer :smile:


Baby 3WTC… from April 2015. I think this was my first pic I took of it.

And from July 2016:


This is still a pretty big mess for a place that’s supposed to open in a couple weeks




Well absolutely nothing has gone to plan at this site so far, so why start now? :joy:


@Tectonic incredible photos.



Incredible! :+1:


Wow didn’t remember that rendering at the time.