NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


I was about 9 when that came out… I remember being pretty sad about what happened to the ESB lol.


I was thinking the same thing! I kinda get an old NYC vibe from it


it would have been even worse if it was the WTC instead of the ESB :open_mouth:


Woah that cloud looks a little like a super cell. That’s crazy! Nice shots though all around :smiley:



This shows that the mech floors need to be lit up


Killer shots. That sky almost looks like its painted via watercolors. Looks like a painting. Surreal in a way.


I loved that move.

Eh… for old times sake!

Raise the volume up when watching it. This song is what goes through my mind as I’m on the BQE, looking at the miles of traffic.

It might be also what the NIMBYS think… with the shadows.


Looks like they started digging and prepping to complete the sidewalks on the Church street side:

from Earthcam:





For some odd reason it seems they removed most of the construction fencing in front of the Tower. They could be replacing it but I’m not sure why they would when this is due to open within a month. Also not sure why the fencing would be removed when there’s still quite a bit of stone left around/to lay.


Opening in June, 3 World Trade Center joins the new World Trade Center


Higher quality


Deal officially inked…


40% leased.


1 WTC is admiring itself in the new 1000 foot mirror


Cams are back!!

As you can see the construction elevator is completely gone. Time for plaza work! They are installing curbs and bollards from 4 WTC down to the Oculus. I’m wondering if they plan on opening the South Plaza along with 3 WTC. The church street side definitely will not be complete until closer to the end of the year at this rate, so its anyone’s guess at this point.



Hopefully they start to fill the glass on the upper floors soon.


They have started to put up the glass overhangs at the entrance.