NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Looks like they randomly started filling in windows in this part of the building…

From Earthcam


Sony Alpha a7 III ILCE‑7M3 by Emil abu Milad, on Flickr


3 WTC will be getting an outside Plaza on the podium here are the concept art :slight_smile:


Expected this.



Sisters are in town. Dragged them across the Manhattan Bridge today…


Taken today:


One bite at a time.



This is bitter sweet. This was my favorite of the four towers initially but they watered it down to meh. Still a nice building but…


Another milestone: it looks like the FAA lights and top part of the crown have been turned on. The FAA lights blink rather quickly. I imagine they would have gone on the spires :frowning: .

Here’s a live video:

(from Earthcam)

It could be work lights, but they look rather bright and uniform.


looks like construction lighting from across the river. I think the plan was to light the mechanical levels below, not the parapet.


Yeah I can’t tell. It looks pretty uniform from here in Queens. I thought that was the plan too. I was hoping they would light the parapet with the mechanical floors.

At any rate, the FAA beacons are on.



Beautiful. Looks good. Makes the building look “alive.” Hope they light the mechanical floors soon.


Is there any reason that they keep construction lighting on years after the building is complete? I know it is space that isn’t occupied but wouldn’t you save a little money turning those off?



how 'bout that storm yesterday?

Under the duvet by Several seconds, on Flickr


Yeah it was a bit cloudy…3 definitely looks better with the beacons lit.

A little “day after tomorrow”-ish

Photocred: @maximusupinnyc on Instagram

Photocred: user AlexJamesFitz on reddit


Looked like the movie Independence Day when the aliens arrived over New York City