NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


4WTC using its cloaking powers again. :smile:


What a great view of 2 3 4 and 7 wtc plus the transportation hub from inside one world trade center …


Now once this external elevator goes down, and the glass goes up, I’m gonna post a couple gifs of some screenshots that i’ve been documenting. One is from late 2016 of some steel and glass rising, then later on, there’s some back in December 2017 of the cladding on the eastern facade rising, and then one from these past few months of the crane coming down.
Is there someone who has been screencapping every day of 3 WTC’s construction (early 2015 to mid 2018) and make a huge gif set or video based off of the construction?


I could make a timelapse, tomorrow


Finally get to see the inside of 3 wtc :scream:


Saw that video yesterday, love how they recorded it.


Stock Exchange platform inks lease at 3 WTC

IEX takes a floor (45,000sqft) at the tower, although the article doesn’t say, would put it below the 60th floor.

The tower is now 39.37% leased.


They leased the 58th floor. Right below McKinsey & Co. who is taking floors 60-64. This company has bounced from 7 WTC to 4 WTC and now 3 WTC lol.



Taken by me today:


Nice pics! Looks like the external elevator is more than halfway down now!





Construction elevator in the final stretch of coming down. I’d say if the weather is as good as they say the rest of the week that this thing can be completely gone by the end of the week.


Nice! The removal has moved down to another cam. Now that’s progress.


Is there a specific construction reason, that they wait so long to put in the missing windows where the elevator was?


I don’t know of a specific reason but it happens pretty often. Especially bigger buildings, I just hate that long ‘streak’ that forms when they do put the new glass in and it’s cleaner than the rest. You’ll see it in buildings like 30 Hudson Yards until they wash the entire building for the first time. 1 WTC was the most annoying.


They have a window rig that is used to put the glass in place and its pretty big in size and only a couple available. Also some parts have to get dismantled to fit in the freight elevators. It’s a fairly annoying process so they kind of do it slowly. And they have most of the glass on the upper level so it’s all about transporting them to lower floors.


That’s a classic NY shot, JC