NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


In an article posted last month I believe, it stated opening was in June with GroupM into the tower in July.


GroupM is telling employees it will be moving the first agency on July 16th, with the move progressing in stages from 7/16-9/24.


Photocred: @jarvyto on Instagram

Photocred: @ayyysupitspatruck on Instagram


Not very much new information, but a good read:


Very nice up to the top of the bracing. Top is a bit anticlimactic. Would have been much better if some bracing went all the way up and some sort of defined top was in the design. Too bad it ends up looking partially unfinished.


It turned out nicely.

Hopefully, the grand finale will occur!


Credit: Michael Lee


What an amazing view of 3 WTC look how far its come with end in sight :grinning:


Opening June 6


It’s coming down!!! Down two more levels as of this morning:


As you can see the inside lobby of 3 wtc is nearing completion :+1:


Another shot of the lobby. More recent. Notice the black marble covering the Check In Desk and wall behind. Same that was used in 4 WTC.


it’s a nice touch to add some consistency between these towers…


Agreed! Gives it more of a unified feel rather than the individualism they were going for with the new towers in the beginning.




Some Stunning shots of 3 wtc as it looks over the New York Skyline :star_struck: :+1: