NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Some interior shots and interior construction from the latest Yimby article…

From yesterday. I think most columns now have the cladding outside but I think they were finishing 1-2 remaining ones when i walked by.


Last 3 panels at top are in. Pic from Earthcam.


I especially like the 2nd pic in YIMBY piece by Andrew Nelson looking down Greenwich. Nice street view, I really appreciate that streets were incorporated back into the complex.


I noticed some new lights on the roof. Just work lights? Both pics from Earthcam.


Photocred: @parwissimus on Flickr


The memorial is superb.


its looking like the external elevator is taking really slow to take down.


I think someone said that it would continue past the last office floor coming down sometime this month.


Construction lift resuming dismantling…


Roughly when?

Also, do you think that DB will go to 2 WTC?


The suspense is killing all of us





Lots of progress on getting rid of the external elevator these past few days. I know (Edited: removed user name upon request) said this month for the hoist to resume coming down. :grinning:


I love visiting my friend downtown cuz I get to walk by the site. Taken by me tonight.

By the way, it’s kinda hard to see the cross bracing lighting in the floors with office lighting. The office lights are brighter than the lights on the braces. But it is nice in person.




Beautiful, but it needs a neighbor. Hopefully, we’ll hear some good news soon.


Awesome photos!

I think they still have to put some lights on the lower braces, and when some of the office lighting is turned off at night, whenever GroupM moves in fully, the cross bracing will look better :grinning:


I agree! Will be nice when Church Street finally has no more construction fences as well.


Is this building supposed to be open by April?


The lobby, elevators, amenities, etc will be finished, however most floors won’t be built out, such as groupM, until later this summer/fall