NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Soo good seeing the out side Elevators going down wont be long till the final sections are filled in with the glass :slight_smile:


Looks like the final load of steal has been placed down below of 3WTC’s entrance…


Looks like they’re also finishing up the Oculus plaza to connect it to 3 World Trade. This should open late Summer…my estimate


Yep they are definitely getting ready to complete the plaza and sidewalks from the Oculus to 3 WTC. They have been cleaning up around the front of Tower 3 in preparation to install the final set of bollards connecting the Oculus to 4 WTC. You can see on earthcam they are beginning to install more across Oculus plaza towards Tower 3 and 4.


A look inside… all photos from @wtc on Instagram.




I think all of us are dying for some news. Silverstein, Deutsche, etc. are really keeping quiet

I’m guessing they’ll go to Time Warner cause it’s smaller and cheaper. Deutsche USA is on skid row these days. The IBs aren’t what they used to be


What a fantastic view of the WTC site showing off the new towers :heart_eyes:



Did you take that photo?


Photocred: @nyc.vuudoo [Henry Yao] on Instagram


Taken by me yesterday. I wanted to focus on the podium.


Glass looks cracked in the 3rd pic.



Very Nice shot,726!


interestingly they have begun to install the remainder of the facade on the upper mechanical levels where the hoist was.


GroupM is already building out its space. Moving in this July.

> Anchor tenant GroupM, which will occupy approximately 700,000 square feet, is already building out its space ahead of a move to the tower in July.

Images from the article:

Main Lobby

Retail and Transportation Hub Escalator access:

One of the elevator lobbies


Checked Earthcam earlier, looks like there are 5 panels left of that upper facade. They might finish it this week.

Photcred: @mchlanglo793 on Instagram.


Uma Experiência no World Trade Center - NYC - Felipe Belloni by Felipe Belloni, on Flickr




Wow. One of the finest shots of Tower 3 I have seen! Once the office lighting reaches all the way up top the side bracket lighting will be truly fabulous!