NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


3 WTC during a Sunrise…


3 Wtc stands out next to the entire Wtc Complex and New York


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Yeah… whenever we can get 2WTC up to fill in this gap, that would be gggreeeaat.

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Something that’s not flat top would be great. :yum:


900k/2.5m sf leased - 36%

campus status:

1 WTC - 75% (anchor Conde Nast 36%)
2 WTC - on hold (possible anchor Deutsche Bank 46%)
3 WTC - 36% (anchor GroupM 28%)
4 WTC - 98% (anchor PANYNJ + NYC 52%)


If 1 wtc is 75 percent leased, why does it look like the building is construction at night? With all the disordered lights…


The only construction lighting left is really just in the middle of the tower and then some of the very top office fooors. If I’m not mistaken floors 65-75 are still unoccupied as well as 77,79,81,87,88 and half of 90. So only 15 1/2 of the 70 office floors are unoccupied which leaves roughly 22% available space left.


Photocred: @wtc on Instagram


Nice! 3 WTC definitely needed this. They just need to secure DB or someone for 2 WTC!


Hope the external elevator comes down soon!


Credit: Hilton Goldreich




Haven’t seen any news on here lately. External elevator coming down anytime soon?


Nighttime lighting update: Looks like they are getting around to turning on the cross-bracing. Still some missing lights but getting there. Hopefully the mechanical floors are coming soon.

Both pics from Earthcam:


That looks great!


I cant wait for those construction lights to go. Its the only way this color of aesthetic lighting will stand out.


Found some pics of the front. As YimHudson was saying, once the construction lights go, these will look way better.

Photocred: Carisa Morgan, @morgasis on Instagram

I’ve been meaning to get back down there to take my own photos, but these will suffice for now haha.


Seeing the Cross bracing light up makes me yearn for days of yore when the full cross bracing was on the east and west sides.


True, but this is still a beautiful tower.