NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Nice shot!



Today, remember 9/11. by sunolan, on Flickr

Liberty Rises by PhillymanPete, on Flickr


We’ve come such a long way in sixteen years. All of you on this forum are wonderful people, and I applaud you guys and your passion for the trade center.




Another great view of 3 wtc as the glass is completed on all 3 of its sides with it’s back just left to complete then the building will be done Externally


It’s getting close on the “back”.


Nice pic! Can’t wait for that elevator to come down.


Anybody know WHEN the elevator is coming down?


No idea but we gotta be getting close. I would say in the next few months we’ll see that happen



Looks like more glass has been added to the final few floors of 3 wtc wont be long till the exterior is completed


Great shot, Hectic




Old but nice



Heres a look at a section of 3 WTC lobby where you can see the finish look of the elevators and in the middle is red glass


A close up look of the office floors of 3 WTC


2017-07-25 10.30.56 1 by noah.images, on Flickr


A panoramic view of what the entire WTC complex looks like soo far with 1 3 4 7 WTC fully built along with the Transportation Hub as well as the Performing Arts Centre Under Construction and 2 WTC still waiting for Tennant…


This whole area looks almost completely healed.
It is so beautiful to see this part of lower manhattan restored to its former grandeur.
The only thing missing is 2wtc
I think you know how I feel about 2wtc