NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Nice pic! It turned out great… my only wish was that it was 100 feet taller. There was a height cut and then the loss of spires. Would have been ok with one of the two, but both cuts make the tower really shrink from standing out. Hoping 2WTC (which ever version) gets built to full height.


I think once 2 WTC is built, 3 WTC will look even better. Not saying 2 WTC is bad looking or anything but seeing that building fit right in between either incarnation of 2 WTC, and the absolutely stunning 4 WTC, it will make it look like it’s been there forever, and it was MEANT to be there


Nice, but eww, that building in Jersey!


Lobby steel cladding has started!



A view of 3 wtc’s back where you can see 1 and 4 wtc plus the outside service elevators are slowly being taken down from what i can see . .


Lets hope we are all still alive by then


A view of the WTC Complex include 1 WTC 3 WTC 4 WTC 7 WTC and the Transportation Hub from the Hudson River :sunglasses:


Finally! A feed that shows up 111 murray as well as the rest of the complex!


Here’s the link:

A pic from the archives… wow.


the gaps on the parapet are unfortunate. :frowning:




Hopefully, 2 WTC will rise soon too!


And hopefully the Foster design :beers:


Scaffolding on the front brackets came down completely



Cladding is finishing on the east side


Yessss! It’s about time too!


Nice shots, City.

This looks great. Let’s hope that DB saves the day at 2 WTC.




What a gorgeous morning on which marks the 16th Anniversary of 9/11 R.I.P