NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Last couple of days have been super humid too.

NY as a whole isn’t polluted like the myths might state. Its seen a dramatic decline in pollution, even in NJ in places like Newark, Elizabeth, Linden, Perth Amboy, ect… Pollution still exists, but yeah, the pics effect was most likely humidity based.

NY in the 40’s and 50’s was a different story… but we’ve become one of the greenest cities in the U.S. over the last 10 years.


3 World Trade Center finished

Render from last year


Spot on, thomas! I was looking at a picture of 3 WTC on earthcam’s feed, and it looked EXACTLY like one of your previous renderings. I honestly thought I was looking at your render for a second.


Keith Michael on Flickr


Looks like 3 WTC is on the new Geostorm poster




Interesting that they would choose 3 WTC over 1 WTC?..


And its a confusing angle they’re at. We’re obviously looking at it from the western side, which where he would be would be across from the 9/11 memorial, but there are other buildings there.








What a beautiful building. Is the parapet going to be colored a darker blue to match the rest of the cladding? or is going to look like that forever


it matches the rest of the cladding, but there is no superstructure behind it so more light comes through making it seem more transparent.


Ah. Thanks for clearing that up!


I absolutely love this tower. In 2015 when they took the spires away, I was really heartbroken, but now I look at it and I’m blown away. It really is gorgeous.


I agree. It’s really nice.


I say that when the whole WTC is finally complete, we should all meet up and party


Like it’s 1999!