NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


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such a great pair.

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Great picture! Looks like it is almost all finished now. I almost wish they had made number 3 and 4 taller, because as they now stand they don’t really look like they are part of the complex, given they are so much shorter than 1 WTC. It’s almost like they fade into the background since they are the same height as the other buildings in the area. Hopefully if they ever build number 2 it will be closer to the height of 1 so it stands out.



Love the way the diagonal bracing shines on a sunny evening.


The reflection of 3wtc and the way 4 blends into the sky at the same time, is amazing. 4 is still my favorite I think.




Amazing photo and angles!


Great job, as always, Tectonic! From that angle, the building looks done!


Thanks guys.


It’s a tad grainy, but it looks like the south side 's cladding is reaching the top mechanical floors! :smiley:


Here it is today. About as far south as I could get on the waterfront without going to liberty state park.


Great shot


from that angle the 2wtc gap is huge! they could have it topped off by now if they kept going when they did the foundation, what a shame it’s taking SO LONG, but great shot


Took these from the cruise line today




Love that image! Cladding can now be seen rising on the south side!