NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


So we see that the western facade is nearing completion. So I have a few questions. When do we see the southern and eastern facade finished? And after that, is the building externally complete finally?


After the facades are finished on each side the exterior will be complete except for the plaza at ground level. However, that will probably be among the final pieces of the puzzle


the parapet doesnt obscure much… hopefully the facade on the west facade is less transparent.

Z7050174_DxO by nezekdog, on Flickr






Looks like the western facade should be wrapped up any day now. Nice shots Dennis


Thank you. I fucking love this city so much! who’s got a room for me? :slight_smile:


I agree. I love Denver, but nothing is the US is like NY. It’s gigantic and dynamic.


I always say it’s a monster! but in a good way!


Lol. I love Denver. Lets trade.

Ill be out in Denver in a couple weeks for business. Cant wait!


Denver is a very bustling, growing city, but it’s not urban enough for me!



Nice one, City! I love that photo. And we should take advantage of this view, because once 2 WTC rises, we’re not gonna see the Oculus from that angle like that again.


I love the Oculus!!!



Am I the only one who noticed this? Glass has been finished on this side.


Nah, I’ve noticed, its just that it just got finished


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