NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Nice shot!

I like this tower.


Looks lovely :slight_smile: It’s a shame though about the spires. You can clearly see where they should have been.


this building has been neutered beyond reproach .


For sure. It is still a nice tower, and it is quite imposing in person but they definitely butchered the hell out of it. I didn’t mind the removal of the X bracing but the spires and height reduction were unnecessary.


I agree with you. I still like this design, because it matches Four World Trade Center. But I did like the old design.


It’s Sad!



These toothpics were beyond ridiculous and obviously out of place.


It’s a shame because I feel many of the projects we watch on this forum have undergone some sort of height reduction or redesign to make them less unique.

I think 45 Park Place is a good example of this. I much preferred the original tri-tower design. That’s just my opinion though.


According to you. I beg to differ but thanks for your input.


All cost cutting I assume and ironically this is the first building to be fully leased.


Glass is all done behind the bracing on the southwest corner. Looks like the facade of the parapet is about 40% complete on the western side.

via Earthcam


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This thing looks tiny next to 1WTC.


optical illusion…


While everybody’s talking about the glass reaching the top, I’ve been wondering: When will the lobby glass be complete? And also the area around the tower?


Believe it or not they’ve made good progress with the lobby. From what I have seen in person then lobby is fully enclosed besides where the revolving doors will be which they have boarded off. If you look at one of my posts from last month I posted a picture where you can also see marble installed in the lobby. Same kind as in 4 WTC.


Made a rendering!




Great job! You did it a hell of a lot better than I did. I made that at like 1 in the morning so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: