NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


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Nice photos , gents!




Nice shot, JC.


the south side cladding is lagging behind

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Regarding cladding, why are all the other sides lagging behind the north side?


Credit: Erik Conover


Nice shot!!!



Anybody know when the scaffolding is coming off the Woolworth Building?




I’ve also been curious about this. I realize they were renovating but it’s been ages. They must be near completion at this point


Well, hopefully soon. It’s been like it since 2015. And even 100 years after this building was built, it’s still a remarkably gorgeous building. I went to Manhattan in Spring 2016 and saw the building blocked by scaffolding.


Looks like we have one side complete! It looks oddly taller as more cladding goes up. Most of the cross bracing looks done from this angle. It’s coming together.

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Some more nighttime lighting.

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Sometime before Summer 2018








Perfect and nice straight angle shot he made!
Nice find, VG!