NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


The pinstripes look great!


The pinstrips are really a pleasant surprise.


Pinstripes are a Nice NY touch!


I was by the game tonight!




Looks like something is missing.



Nice shots, Tec

These towers like great. We just need Mr. Dimon to complete the foursome with 200 Greenwich.


Pics by me. Taken today. 5/27/17


Photo of 3 WTC yesterday taken by QUEENSNY121


Great photo!

The WTC area is beautiful. It’s way nicer than Midtown or the HY, which is why I’m amazed that no one wants to rent new space there.


Two World will rise in time. This is only the beginning for Lower Manhattan in the 21st century. It will eventually be peppered with supertall residentials and look like the Dubai Marina. Just much better.



170524-N-EX228-072 by FleetWeekNewYork, on Flickr

170524-N-UN744-216 by FleetWeekNewYork, on Flickr


Nice shots, WTC and Yim





Nice photo, VG


chief770’s photo




Say what you about the designs of the WTC towers (though I think they all are gorgeous) these are some FAT A** towers! 1,3 and 4 WTC are monstrous in person. You gotta appreciate the width of these beasts, especially given how most of the new buildings going up today don’t have such large floor plates as the WTC towers (besides the Hudson Yards I suppose)


Thats what I love about these buildings, they’re imposing in size and not skinny supertalls like those going up in midtown. The only other buildings going up with massive floor plans comparable to the WTC towers are 30 Hudson and my personal favorite One Vanderbilt. These buildings are what NYC is all about.