NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Nice shots, Robert!


I was just about to compliment yours, Strong!


Mechanical clad!


Wow! I took a picture yesterday from 5th and 23rd from my phone but it was too grainy to post - The cladding is really going up fast now!


Hi guys. I have a YouTube channel called World Trade Center Updates, and I always use EarthCam for my shots, but most of the cameras are down. Do you guys mind if I use your photos for my update? Thanks.


Longing for 2 WTC



Here are some pictures of 3 WTC my friend got yesterday.


Your friend got great photos! Love them all!!


Rainy day yesterday

(last one from WTC facebook page - #3WTCprogress- Glass curtain wall has now reached the top of 3 WTC, which will open next spring.)


the parapet looks like it’s gonna be great






good day for 3WTC! by EarthCam











Anyone have any ideas whats going on here at the back of 3 WTC? Looks like several floors of scaffolding covered in black mesh but I’m not sure why. That definitely was not there when I last walked on Church…


Look closely. Black Marble covers the lobby interior just like 4 WTC. Can’t wait to see the final product inside!


Spotted this on the Silverstein Properties page for 3WTC. A pic of the nighttime lighting of the cross-bracing.