NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Awesome shot…

Photo Credit: Catfish108 on Flickr




1 Year ago today, I visited the World Trade Center! It’s amazing how much has happened since then!


by me from Monday


Nice shots, Street.

I’ve always wondered when that crappy, two story POS in the last photo would be redeveloped.


Thanks Robert!


Sunset over Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge by Noel Y. Calingasan (nyclovesnyc), on Flickr


My last day in United States of America - NYC by Marie Galoo, on




Still pissed about that toothpick of an antenna on 1 WTC. One can only hope it will be covered one day…


My last day in United States of America - NYC


15 William (William Beaver House) was such a wasted spot.


@Tectonic What was it originally suppose to be?


My guess is he means it could’ve been ANYTHING else. But now we’re stuck with this wacky, post modern, beehive, yellow strobe light looking thing that doesn’t blend into it’s surrounds at all!


3 wtc catching some sunlight, as seen from earthcam


This will look so great once the cladding is finally complete. I haven’t seen it catch light like that before. It’s kinda cool how the south steel cladding creates another outline of the building.


Oooooo, you mean like this?


Gif if anyone was interested




This turning out a bit disappointing. Watered down, but still a nice tower.