NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


I’m curious as well. It kind of makes me want 2 WTC to become a stump as sad as that may sound. It’s going to block one of the most iconic shots of 1 WTC. Though I think the Oculus is beautiful I would have rather seen Tower 2 in its place and a much simpler but classy entrance to the PATH and concourses elsewhere, such as where the PAC is going to be. Should have just been a 6 WTC with a PATH/Mall entrance.


Here are two pictures I got yesterday when I went to New York


Great shots, WTCUpdates!


Since the Earthcam for across the hudson river is down, does anybody have any new pictures of the west view? I wanna see how far the eastern cladding has until the roof



Now that was a post we’ve all been waiting for! Amazing shot!!


3 WTC April 2016

Photo taken by me

3 WTC April 2017

Photo from Skyscrapercity forums


And 2018, looking down a little more


Funny enough, using my 2016 image :wink:


Nice shots, WTC Fan!


Thanks, Rob! Visiting One World Observatory was my favorite thing on my field trip to New York last year. Everybody else’s favorite thing was Phantom of the Opera on broadway


3 WTC + 111 Murray + One Manhattan Square

Credit: Striking Visions


good lord 1 Manhattan is bulky


From yesterday





We’ve had quite the foggy April! I took this last Friday. Really hope the cladding gets back on pace soon.


There’s that ugly Verizon building


I agree. It’s a seriously ugly building. And that work they did to try and liven up the facade was like putting lipstick on a pig



And one from a few weeks ago: