NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS












It looks like the metal clad for the beams on the base have shown up!


Good eye Tom!


Anybody know why the Earthcam cams for the WTC view from across Hudson river aren’t online anymore? It’s been about two weeks.


Most likely from the weather. It happens all the time


Yawn :unamused:

This is quite a handsome tower. Though the original design was obviously better, the quality of 3 WTC is still beautiful and it fits in quite nicely with the rest of the complex. If any of the towers don’t fit in its the disastrous future 2 WTC.



WOW! Really looking great!


Great photos!


by kznyc2k on SSC


DSC_4266_resize by brucemir, on Flickr


Shots like these always make me have to do a double take at 1WTC…the resemblance to the North Tower is eerie sometimes. 3WTC really fills the gap nicely here, makes me wish 2WTC swapped spots with the Oculus, however. When it rises it’s going to block one of the best views of Tower 1.

Link to the image:


Very nice.


Same. Once 2WTC is built I’m curious to see the different angles we’ll use for “Classic NYC” shots.


Thanks, Tectonic!