NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


I’m a huge fan of 1 WTC. It looks so different from various angles.


Damn. Great pics RW!


Thanks, JC

Yours are superb!


I like that last shot. The infinite tower look. Plus the smoke at the tip looks like some sort of wormhole where the angles converge infinitely into it.


I agree. I’ve always loved that angle.


It is one of those things we can’t see from a render. It is angles and shots like this that keep the excitement high for when a tower is competed.




@robertwalpole When do you think the glass cladding with be complete?


End of July maybe beginning of August


I agree with Tom K, City.

July sounds right.




Great shot, Tec.




I like this shot because it emphasizes that each building is part of the skyline as a whole. In this picture it is simply there filling a void that once existed.



April 2nd


Nice shots Yim! I hope they eventually get around to putting some trees on this podium like in the renderings. I think utilizing green space is such a simple but effective improvement to places like this :evergreen_tree:


Unfortunately, they aren’t. I think BIG added the trees for more greenery, like how they did it with the PAC site before the Perelman Performing Arts Center was revealed. The terrace is owned by the anchor tenant, Group M



Great shot, Tom.