NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS





Love the first shot, because it mirrors the One cousin of the site. :slight_smile:



Nice one!


I haven’t seen many photos here of the glassed-in lobby.


What’s up with the glass on the western face? The top 2/3 seems to be getting windows with far less tinting. Was that always planned?


That’s just the sunlight shining on the side of each panels


Have some shots, just haven’t gotten to it. Looks nice.


So it’s just the paint on the casings; the lower floors are painted and the upper ones are not?

It really seems like you can see more inside the building on the upper floors, casings aside.

But I hope you’re right.




You can see it in Tectonic’so first photo too. Awesome photos Tech!

New lights on the angled beams!


Nice! I wasn’t sure if they were going to cheap out on lighting the cross bracing or not…I’m glad they are. It will look especially nice after the office lights in the tower are in.


Saving grace. I’m disappointed with the removal of the other braces.


Many people are Tec, I do slightly like the past design, but the new braces are more elegant and I think they fit in with the skyline. They stand out more than the blue windows, that is if the sun shines on the beams


4 WTC is still stealing the show.



Three looks great too!

I hope that Larry gets a tenant for 2.


Shots found by Thomas Koloski!