NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS



This whole area is so nice. It’s way nicer than the HY, which presently, is still largely a dump.

2 WTC must be built.


Great collection of shots you made!
Nicely done, robertwalpole!


Great shots, robertwalpole. I agree, the entire area around and including the Trade Center is beautiful, especially when all the plants and trees are in bloom. Wish the rest of the city looked that way lol.


THanks, Strong.

I agree. Aesthetically, Downtown is vastly superior to Midtown.


Thanks, Dragon.


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Anyone know why glass has come to a complete standstill again? It seems to be taking an awfully long time for them to wrap up the last dozen floors.


Good question! I’ve also been wondering this





they seem to be catching up on the northern and southern sides of the building before proceeding on the western side.






3 & 4 World Trade Center


1, 7, 3 , 4 World Trade Center and more!


Glass has kind of resumed.They started the second to last row of glass on the North face setback. Sure is moving at snails pace.