NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


50 Hudson’s design was rushed I’m happy it will be blocked by the Spiral and 3 Hudson Blvd


the machines on site are there to do the foundation for the tower. mta work is done


Wow. That’s awesome.


That’s great, looking forward to this



John Boehner!!!

I wonder if they have a tenant. DB would be nice.


Said it before, and I will say it again, best tower in the Hudson Yards District! This is a tower New York needs and will get very soon. Glad to see this finally progressing. The tower is just perfect!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Skyscraper Class of 2021 gets another member


Looks fantastic! I’d like to know the official height.

And yet another observation deck it appears?!


Idk if it’s a traditional observation deck but the article mentions bars and restaurants at the top. Needless to say, they’ll have incredible views.

I’m curious if they’re going spire or no spire. The daytime rendering didn’t include it


I’m sooo looking forward towards 3 HB. It’s been the one tower i’d been looking forward to the most within the Hudson Yards District.


Looks like they photoshopped the spire out

(Click for full image)


Good eyes!!

Why would City Realty do that?


I don’t think City Reality did it, I think the architects did after dropping the spire design. Probably just poor photoshopping


apparently that rendering is at the site. Maybe Moinian wanted the spire to be a secret or are still mulling it. Speculation, of course.


Spire or no spire, it is a great building. can’t wait


I agree.


I still wish this was called Girasole but DAMN!! This is Gorgeous!


Like I said boys, we’ve got a three way supertall race within a block radius, definitely exciting times ahead.


I think this tower will pick up the quickest of all three. Since some of the foundation work is already complete, while 50 Hudson yards still has to start foundation and the Spiral hasn’t even completed demolition. In any case, a great race indeed.