NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


I am assuming the 1300 feet(additional 250) would be because of the addition of a spire?


Yes, I think the parapet will be the same height too



Nice work, Tom.




Nice updates JC, this will definitely start rising soon!


Subway construction is almost completed. Green tent and noisy generators are gone… but so is construction equipment. I hope the tower is not on hold.


Nice update! Hopefully the tower rises.


Didn’t see any activity over here


oh boy. Did Fx Fowle and the Monian Group just troll Related and 30 Hudson Yards out of getting the Hudson Yard’s tallest building? Depends at what height the now confirmed spire starts at. I think its a safe bet this tower just trolled its way to ~1300 ft.
They’re shooting for LEED Platinum, so maybe it’ll have some wind generators up there or something.


Pulling the old, “secretly tall spire” move. I like it!


Ah… the good old days.

I guess the skyscraper war is alive and well. This is a dick move, but I like it!


the CTBUH lists the private observatory at 982’ (the top floors’ “sky club” and the roof) and the old official height at 1034’. That means that this tower will be at least 1282’. The height of the tower itself might have changed with the apparent redesign, time will tell.

i’ll put both heights in the title like 1 WTC, because we dont know the official spire height yet - plus its a really tall spire.


Van Allen’s legacy is living on in a glass building I guess???


I thought 3hudson would have been awesome for Lauder and would have been a big enough anchor to start this.

Just heard today that they signed again at GM although they are downsizing.

If they had consolidated gm and thier other offices in nyc they could have potentially taken 400-500k sf here. Damn.


I don’t see this rising any time soon. Same with the Spiral unless Tishman gets Morgan Stanley.m

PS: Same as 2 WTC until Larry gives the development rights to someone else.


I absolutely second this


From NYguy on ssp

There’s fences and a drill on site.

With Blackrock at 50 Hudson Yards and Phizer at the Spiral, it looks like we have a 3 way race fellas.


I wonder if that work is for the MTA. I can’t imagine that this is rising without a tenant. Who knows? Maybe they have a deal with JPMC or Deutsche Bank.


with the undeniable success of the neighborhood it’s possible they might build on spec. This is an expensive building, however - they probably wouldn’t finish it without an anchor signing on.