NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


Foundation work is finally visible. It should be rising soon.


Nice photos, Ilny.

Is this work for the tower or for the subway station?

Presumably, this tower won’t rise until a tenant signs on.


Thanks Robert, this is work on the tower.

“Construction of the foundation is expected to be completed by 2017 and the Moinian Group is aiming for the building to be finished in 2021.”


Great update! My favorite tower in HY district.


Awesome! Another 1,000 footer that we’ll see growing in 2017!


Is this one officially greenlit or are they going to finish the foundation and wait for a tenant?


Looks like this one will start very soon. A huge portion of the hole has been covered and some huge metal piece is on site, but don’t know what it’s for.


Did anyone see this???



That looks great!


Looks like its 1300 ft with spire. Just eyeing it.


I spotted this while I was working on a render, and idk if I should add the spire




is this legit? they add a spire? Looks great on this tower.


I do not know, I just found it on the website like that


Awesome. Hope this is official.


Looks like an upgraded version of the New York Times building


I agree. What the NYT tower should of been!




I think we have conformation of a slight redesign!


Also, my newest 3d model