NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


Also 2.8 million square feet


Asset-manager AllianceBernstein LP and HSBC, a unit of global banking giant HSBC Holding Plc, have been checking out properties that offer hundreds of thousands of square feet, according to people with knowledge of their searches.


I doubt this will rise anytime soon.


Yimby on Instagram: 3 Hudson Blvd ready to rise in 2017 #progress


I wonder if the torque was eliminated.

They should decrease the office space and increase the residential. 300k sf lease could spur construction on a tower with 1msf of office, but not one with 1.8msf.



Great photos, ilny


3 Hudson Blvd ready to rise in 2017 #progress

So, What does this mean?? Do they have a tenant lined up??


I think it’s BS.


Same here amigo!!


Like Larry, who’s eternally on the verge of lining up at tenant for 2 WTC.


this one has some advantages though. It is located in the hot new far west side, based on what the dev is saying pricing will be less than what one will pay to move to lower manhattan or even HY. Also it is 1.8 msqf versus 3 msqf so 2 WTC will need 800k to 1 msqf sign on to start, he can probably start work with 500-700k signed on.

Also, they have built in flexibility for the upper 300k in this tower(guessing hotel or residential), so in reality they are only trying to fill 1/2 of the office space that 2 WTC is.


Something to monitor. Potentially they would be searching for ~ 1M sqf…





I really hope they keep the design as it is. Love that torque.

From today


I agree, JC

I don’t think this will rise for a long time though.

Between 50 and 55 HY, Related has about 3m sf to offer, and other developers can’t compete with Ross.

It says in the article that foundation is supposed to be complete by late 2017 let’s hope something will develope by then


Hopefully, Estée Lauder or HSBC!



They have made some decent progress in that hole in front where all the new rebar is (compared to my last update in december where there was no rebar in that section).