NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


I agree this would be a great location for Lauder. GM is too expensive and they are looking to cut costs and have been letting go a ton of employees lately. Not sure on the costs at HY but they have to be cheaper than GM?

I took these yesterday afternoon.


I am tracking GM gets like near 100 dollars per SQFT, seems like HY will be more in the 75-80 range. Not exactly numbers, but almost anywhere would be cheaper than GM building.


I concur, sir.


This article from jan of this year shows GM has a few new leases above $200 per sq ft! And 425 park wants over $300!

If HY office towers are offering under $100, they should have no trouble getting tennants.



Some different equipment on site but not much progress overall.

Uploading… Uploading…





Great update, VG.




Great update, JC.


Moinian Group founder Joseph Moinian’s planned 3 Hudson Boulevard tower is building a foundation that won’t be finished for another year. He insisted the site is “absolutely not for sale” when we asked him.

It’s fully entitled for nearly 2 million square feet of floor area and stands to benefit from a $65 million city tax exemption that can be passed on to tenants.

“But we get offers all the time,” Moinian laughed. However, although he said the tower would be less expensive to tenants than Related’s or Brookfield’s, he declined to say by how much. Neither Himmel nor Kanner would share rents or purchase prices, either.


Glad to here this, I really like this tower and its current design. It would be very sad for it to not happen. In my personal opinion I think this is the most exciting tower in the Hudson Yards district for now. But all the towers are great!


Moinian is such a putz. If he gets offers all the time, why hasn’t he signed a lease and started building the tower?


I agree, RW and surprisingly he said his tower would be less expensive to tenants than both Related’s and Brookfield’s?

I dunno what the hold up is.


I would not be surprised if Related buys this site.


I think he meant offers for someone to buy the site from him.


That makes sense.


Still working to finalize the foundation/subway work.


Site P of the 7th Line extension. The 35th Street entrance and future site of a 65 Story High-rise


So much freakin steel and concrete :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Can’t wait for this tower to rise!