NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS



No site activity on Saturday. So im not sure how active this site is at the moment but I took a few shots of the site anyway. You can see some foundation work looks almost ready to go vertical. But maybe they are still waiting to get a major tennant before building? Ill check back during the week sometime to see how active this is.


I drove by this morning and the gates on 34th were open with trucks coming in and out and lots of workers on site. Hopefull they get this thing rising soon.


Great to hear!! Cheers




Is that still a chain link fence around the site? If so, it must still be MTA work. If it was foundation work for the building, then a plywood fence would be up instead. Thats what the Department of Buildings requires. Subway work does not fall under their jurisdiction so a chain link fence may be acceptable. Also, if you zoom in on one of the signs, it says its for the 7 train project.


That is good to know. Last month it was all chain link but I cant remmeber if it was plywood or still chain link yesterday. Im inclined to say it was just the chain link still.


I’d like to see HSBC or Sotheby’s anchor this.





It seems that this relates to the subway station though, right?


I was tracking MTA finished with the site back in april or so. It probably does relate to the subway though as the connects would be part of the foundation.


Lads, Considering that Coach, L’Oreal, and Fashion Week will be in the HY, this would be a good place for Estée Lauder.


Aug 4th


Nice! So is this for the tower or is it for the subway?


I think it’s for the subway.


Out of all the HY towers, this one deserves such a tenant. Its really just security. Now, we know this will rise, but there’s still that uncertainty there. This will help solidify the prospects of 3 Hudson. The developer seems confident that it will secure a tenant.


I agree, Chris. I’d like to see Estes Lauded, Sotheby’s, and Ralph Lauren fill this tower.


This tower is huge and also stunning! It deserves to be built!
I hope it gets a tenant or more than one to fill its enormous floors just in time.


There’s a new video!


Yes! Great photos @robertwalpole. Can’t wait for this to rise. While it’s not the tallest in the HY, it is my favorite. Really hope they get a tenant.


I concur, NYC !