NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


I think this design is amazing. It’s a 1,000’ torqued tower! Who thinks this is boring?


This is one of my favorite projects in the yards. Can’t wait to hear news for a tenant. All it needs at a minimum is anchor for 500ksf to get started. While at 1,050’ is super, I think proportionately it would look even more amazing if Moinian could stretch this sucker up for a another measly 50’


I don’t think it’s boring either. I like it as well. It would be amazing to see that huge tower complete in that spot of Manhattan!


Video: An inside look at Moinian’s planned 3 Hudson Blvd tower


Very impressive! Its look and size!


Website has fully launched.


View from the 60th floor


really pulling for this one. Moinen is not as big as the other devs but seems to be going all in on this. Showing some balls starting construction. Too bad silverstein cant do the same.


Great renderings!!!


3 Hudson Boulevard


The chick in that video is caliente.


definitely has the cougar vibe.


Thank you for posting these videos :smile:


I concur, amigo!


I like this much more than BIG’s 34th St Tower. (I love BIG’s 2 WTC, by the way.)


This video is very nice!
Great graphics and visual effects!
This tower is great as well!
Thanks for posting it too! ^^


Passed by today, looked like they were working on the foundation.


I think that’s the subway work that’s occurring.


@robertwalpole Yeah I think thast a greater possibility, but it seemed as if it’s was almost done.


That is completed I was.tracking. that was all the work being done the past few month


Wow! So is this the foundation work?