NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


I saw some guys on a ladder against the steel truss towards 11th Ave, but the mobile crane was removed. Preparing this one for hibernation?



Yes, this is the plan.



Another glass box on a podium. :disappointed:

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I weep for what could have been versus what they’re presenting us.



Just went through HY, it really is a nothingburger. Suburban office park comes to manhattan, why bother with design?

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at least the pretty pictures that related showed the public during the bidding process were by far most beautifully drawn,

the sleight of hand here was not as slick as that by old-money-bags-larry at the wtc but still sly nonetheless

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It would interesting to see what will be learnt from Hudson Yards in 20-30 years.






I wonder if FxFowle was ditched? This looks more in line with an SOM or some other conservative design firm. It’s classier than the boring glass cube from the last set of renders. With those horizontal ‘breaks’ (not sure if they are setbacks…) it actually looks like its meant to pair 35 Hudson Yards, another SOM design.



I’m pretty sure Bruce Fowle, the firm’s namesake, has retired. Don’t know if that accounts for style shifts or not.

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Bizarre. What is remotely suburban about HY?

I think the new design looks fine, BTW. Conservative and staid, but that will be the tenant base. At least it looks classy and timeless, and fits in better with the rest of HY.



Wait so is this on hold or still moving? I feel like the site has been quite lately.

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If executed correctly, the verticality of the fins would create an elegant look that is much better than the previous design imo



This looks like another redesign



Moinian and Boston just keeping the renders fresh in case some major potential tenant comes along. It would be a major embarrassment if someone filled 600k sf at 2 Manhattan west and this tower wasn’t competitive because they weren’t ready



also worth noting Boston worked with SOM on 250 w 55th, a smashing success, so yeah I think they brought SOM on board for this and ousted FX Collaborative.

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This POS won’t rise anytime soon. For those who want to be in the HY, There are almost 4m sf of space available at 50 HY and the Spiral.

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I have no doubt this will rise, barring recession. Boston Properties is about as bluechip as it gets.

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Imho, wish HY was great urban design, but alas, no. I agree time will tell, but it feels suburban because it’s disconnected from the city fabric, is literally a mall, and aside from the vessel there’s little reason to be in the windswept plaza. Most interesting parts are where it connects with the high line, which is an example of great design, despite being a victim of its own success. 3 Hudson is a continuation on the theme. We should hold these particular buildings and urban spaces to the highest possible global standard of design, not sure why folks might feel compelled to defend them anyway. All respect if some do think it is great, but I want it to be better!



that would look terrible even in Houston