NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


I won’t believe anything will rise here until I see a tower crane. However, I am worried that they will lock in the current design by constructing its foundation.


That’s not the case with 2 WTC though.




Hopefully they sell it to Related, who will add it to the master plan with thoughtful architecture.

Probably too good a plot to give up, but there may not be any demand for awhile.


This will rise when 2 WTC does (i.e., in 20 years).


A few days ago I spoke to a worker on the site: He told me they were going to finish the foundation, but he had no idea what was happening after that. A finished foundation doesn’t lock in a design, it just limits the structural potential for a new design.

Boston props is not going to sit on this for even 5 years Robert. It might sit fallow like 30 park place for a few years, especially if there is an economic downturn. In any case, once the buildings under construction in the area are occupied there’s going to be a vibrancy and pace to the neighborhood that will make it irresistible.


This will be built ASAP. Boston Properties doesn’t mess around. Will rise in 2019.


BP isn’t building it on spec. No one would even finance it.


Unless they change it to residential and try to beat HY2 out of the gate, I don’t see any demand for this tower. There’s still 50 HY, The Spiral, and 2MW in this immediate area alone.


I agree. 50 HY and the Spiral have millions of SF available.



Amazing to think we’re going to get three more roughly 300 m towers to the already massive west side area.


This tower is terrible and there’s already WAY too much blue glass in this area.


We could use some terracotta/darker towers over there. The tower going up on Williams(?) is what I want to see more of.


Still unclear how far they’re going with this




A little progress.



Anyone know what the plan is here?


Hopefully not this