NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


Construction is moving with the speed of molasses.

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

First steel.

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


as expected


This one might be further along than it seems. I don’t think BP would want to sit on an empty site for a few years or even see this built to ground level like Silverstein. I could easily be wrong but to me the clue is the steel; if the design hadn’t been finalized there would be no reason to put the columns in and there’s no reason to finalize the design if they don’t intend to proceed.

What confuses me is the apparent elimination of the more lucrative residential component from the new design.


THere will be about 4m sf of available space between 50 HY and the Spiral. This PoS won’t rise any time soon.


This tower will move fast. BP doesn’t mess around, and the neighborhood is white-hot with demand. BP is an A+ landlord.


So does anyone know for sure if this is actually going to rise or is this work going to be just for the base and then stop just like 2wtc?

As far as i know, there is no anchor yet?



There’s no way it will rise on spec. As noted, there are around 6m sf of available space under construction.


interesting to note: The website for 3 HB was nuked after BP partnered up. All information and images have been removed.


praying for a redesign or a return to the old one.

You think they’re going mixed use?


FX Collaborative actually has it listed under its mixed use category on their website.


BP stated in a recent interview that they expect to wait many years before construction starts, so what will rise here is unclear.


Not much has happened in the last couple months after they started some of that steel near the foundation. Better pic to show more detail at least.


Slowly making progress.




They’re not actually going through with this lame pos are they?


Looks like it unfortunately :expressionless: I’m pissed off about this one the way Robert hates 50HY



Both recent tower designs compared


They’re not building this on spec., and there’s no demand for this space. Something will rise here eventually but not any time soon.