NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


Yeah this looks terrible. Pack it up, throw it across the river to Jersey.


Wow. You would think the developers would value good design. Look how quickly 10 and 30 Hudson were leased. Now this whole stretch of the Far West Side is turning into a glitzy row of glass boxes like some new city center in Asia that has no context to it. So sad :frowning:


Why bother relocating then if it is just to go from one mediocre glass box to another.


Via Moinian Group




Let’s see if this even gets built. Between 50 HY and the Spiral, millions of sf of new space will be available.


Higher quality


they should rename Hudson Boulevard 6th Avenue. Who needs stunning architecture when you can have bigger floor plates? It’d be funny if potential tenants go across the street because those towers also have the big floor plates, but better designs.


Exactly, it looks like a glass box version of whats on 6th Avenue. Very disappointing.


As Nicole Kidman said to Bette Middler in The Stepford Wives, “Whaaat. Have. They. Done. To. You?”


I have to update my stance on this project. “Was” my favorite and most anticipated project in Hudson Yards, but after the redesign this is probably one of the ugliest new buildings in Hudson Yards. Monian, you disappointed me!


Talk about signs of desperation


Honestly, before we despair, let’s see if Moinian even builds this tower.


I’m still disappointed to what has happened with the design of this tower.

At least it is still a very large tower and tall tower, however it would be more suiting being a filler - perhaps a filler such as this is what’s needed?


This site shouldn’t be considered filler. It’s front and center on the skyline. Most of BIG’s much better design for the Spiral will have its view of the Hudson and Jersey blocked by this filler-worthy design. Perhaps it’s subjective thinking, but part of the benefit the city gets out of all these new buildings is new marvels to gaze at. This glassy box isn’t marvelous at all. However this one, in comparison, is:



part of me is hoping they won’t finish this.



I hope that Moinian does not find a tenant and that this POS is not built. 50 HY and the Spiral will have millions of SF of space available – from reputable landlord’s – before this POS is out of the ground. Hopefully, Moinian will flip this site to Related, which is already his partner at Columbus Circle, and this abomination will not rise.


Sadly it looks like they’re committed to building this generic glass box on spec.

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