NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


Lots of digging and trucks lined up to haul away the dirt today


Great update JC! I am so excited for this tower!! Best new tower coming to Manhattan in my opinion.








I hope that this is actually getting built and that they’re not just doing the foundation. This would be nice for JPMC.


I thought the foundation was already “done” for this building and only the superstructure was left to rise… but I don’t see a foundation in any of the pics. Am I missing something?


Looks like they still need to build the foundation and it also looks like they lowered the height.


Well damn, they ruined one of my favorite planned towers and turned it into possibly the dullest project in the Yards…


That is sad that they redesigned it and chopped the height. Looks too similar to 55 across the street now, and that previous design was awesome with the torqued walls. :persevere:


Ugh… what an outrageous downgrade.

This hideous thing covers the spiral too
I’m actually happy this did not become an ugly box.


Oh yawn…but it’s an office building so meh. Looks like this will be cheaper and quicker to throw up, the story of new NYC buildings.


Hopefully, it won’t be built, and Joe will flip the site.




I am not looking forward to this, and I hope the spiral won’t face the same fate


Wow, they butchered it…nothing special with this anymore.


I was looking forward to this thing…now I don’t even want it to be built


Gave me acid reflux


Not to pile on, but it also looks very similar to 55 Hudson Yard which will be across the street on the other side. :frowning:

Sorry @JC_Heights. I didn’t mean to just reiterate what you said. I meant to say that 50 Hudson which will also be across the street is very similar. So you end with 55 and 50 Hudson Yards AND this new design for 3 Hudson all being very similar and they will be all lined up right next to each other. Not inspiring.


Good gif, Robert!

P.S.: Let’s see if Moinian even gets a tenant. I doubt he will.