NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


In the grand scheme of things, its a long distance marathon. Several races occuring.

  1. HY neighborhood
  2. 57th Street corridor
  3. All of LIC
  4. Waterline Square
  5. Seaport
  6. Towers along Flatbush


is the race over for the WTC complex? Hopefully along with 2 WTC, the future for 5 WTC will yield a supertall.


Right you are, this really is a golden age!


If Larry gives the development rights to a competent developer, we may see a race, especially if 5 WTC starts. Plus, it would of been nice given that 125 Greenwich is rising, and soon, 80 South, plus 45 Broad is soon to start.


I hope that this is actually rising and that it’s not just preliminary work.



They have placed larger solid green construction wall around the perimeter along with the renderings.

I wonder if they have a tennant but have not made the news public yet? Seems strange to start construction if they didn’t have an anchor yet.


Nice shots, JC.


FX Fowle posted new renderings on their site.

This tower is stunning. I really hope that it’s actually rising. Maybe JPMC is the anchor.


Drool! John Boehner!!



You 'da man, VG!


Nah!!! You da man!





Looks like they’re having trouble rendering the torquing on the east and west facades. I imagine the effect is going to be very sexy and dramatic in real life.


I also wonder if Moinian has partnered with a bigger developer like Hines, Tishman, Brookfield, or Related.

He doesn’t seem competent enough to complete this tower on his own.


Time to update the 3d model!


We look forward to your work, Michaelangelo!

P.S.: Can you pencil in Salma Hayek and Kate Upton lounging on the roof deck?


I forgot that IBM seeks 350k sf


They should go to 3WTC


Yea I agree with Strong. I feel like 3wtc is an obvious choice


Can’t 2 WTC get some love some day?