NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Boulevard | 940 FT | 53 FLOORS


Honestly, before we despair, let’s see if Moinian even builds this tower.


I’m still disappointed to what has happened with the design of this tower.

At least it is still a very large tower and tall tower, however it would be more suiting being a filler - perhaps a filler such as this is what’s needed?


This site shouldn’t be considered filler. It’s front and center on the skyline. Most of BIG’s much better design for the Spiral will have its view of the Hudson and Jersey blocked by this filler-worthy design. Perhaps it’s subjective thinking, but part of the benefit the city gets out of all these new buildings is new marvels to gaze at. This glassy box isn’t marvelous at all. However this one, in comparison, is:



part of me is hoping they won’t finish this.



I hope that Moinian does not find a tenant and that this POS is not built. 50 HY and the Spiral will have millions of SF of space available – from reputable landlord’s – before this POS is out of the ground. Hopefully, Moinian will flip this site to Related, which is already his partner at Columbus Circle, and this abomination will not rise.


Sadly it looks like they’re committed to building this generic glass box on spec.

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That’s not going to happen. There are millions of SF of brand new space coming onto the market. No one would finance this, and Joe doesn’t have $2b in cash to build without a loan.




Nothing will happen here. Moinian will not sign a tenant, and no one will finance a 2m sf spec project.




Nice, but this won’t be built for a very long time. There’s no demand for it.


The one time I am happy to see this type of message on a thread


I fear that they’re going through with this.

In an area that should be full of daring, modern architecture, we get a bland, uninspired box. It represents the worst of New York development, and I fear the rest of the open plots will follow suit.


I don’t think so. They can’t build a 2m sf office tower on spec., and there’s no demand. I think that Moinian will sell the site to Related, and a condo will rise there in the next cycle.


Well I’ll be overjoyed if you’re right! Plus I’d like to see Related increase their site, so there’s more of a master plan to this area.




3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

3 Hudson Boulevard by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


i foresee this getting the 2 WTC treatment. Built up to grade and capped off until a tenant comes to the hook. Hopefully that will give Moinian time to reconsider what rises above.