NEW YORK | 29th & Fifth | 555 FT | 34 FLOORS


I feel like I have nothing really to add to the outpouring of hate for this atrocity.
I am just commenting for the sake of vocalizing my disapproval
Did Bjarke physically shit out this design?
What a disappointment.


I think the city should have serious reservations about letting towers in this area rise in general, let alone ones severely lacking in aesthetic qualities.


To build something that really would block the ESB is a huge deal for the identity of the city. This shot has been THE iconic view of iconic building views, world-wide, period. A unique situation. Just keep this one to 550ft, that should be about the hight limit for the immediate area. Also maybe a decent design would help lol.


This building made me go back to look once again at the New York that’s been destroyed over the years. It always makes me so depressed to see what gorgeous structures have met the wrecking ball.

And even now that we have a Landmark Committee, stuff like this continues to happen. It is slowly diminishing the history and beauty of NYC. I realize developers want to just make a buck, and that there’s untapped value in this plot, and I don’t begrudge them at all. But if such a beautiful building is going to come down, then you’ve really got to put something of equal value up, especially when you increase its scale by such a magnitude.

This and 3 Hudson Blvd represent a terrible cynicism that degrades the city overall.


Demo work going on in these 2 buildings.


That sucks.


CapitaLand hired BIG for this stunning job in Singapore

but HFZ and BIG gives NYC this steaming pile.


haha so true it looks like HFZ saw the condo building to the east and said “make it a bit taller and grey”


I don’t see what is better about that Singapore building. You would like to see a box, but with random greenery?


it’s a trapezoid with a more interesting facade, no apparent blank walls and matches its city much better.


I find it hard to believe that this POS will rise. I believe that permission is required to build as this falls within the historic district.




I know right, where’s amanda burden when you need her??
shouldn’t she be protecting the views of ESB?


Missing: one Bancroft building, if found please return!!


How sad, especially if that piece of junk that HFZ proposes is actually built.


I’m glad that this crap is coming down.


Demo of additional parcels underway




That sucks


Where are the nimbys when you actually need them.