NEW YORK | 29th & Fifth | 555 FT | 34 FLOORS


Interestingly, there was a massive fire today at the sole hold-out which separates Buildings owned by HFZ at this site!

Very suspicious!




The other building is fully gone.


Nov 3

This tower will soon loom over the church.


Still cleaning up after the fire



The computer store in the holdout building, which conveniently burned down, has moved. The holdout surely will be razed.



Nice updates, ILNY.



Looks like nothing will happen until the burned out building gets demolished. Cars sitting on the lot tells me they are in no rush to start yet.


Waiting for Godot!

At some point, this tower will be soaring above these old buildings.



The views from this tower will be great.


Waiting for Godot


They’re doing something here with that big red machine!



This one might be back on track? looks like the lot is cleared and some digging has started.



Good news. This will be pretty nice.


as if this development couldn’t sour my tastebuds even further (initially due to the demolition of the Bancroft Building), Moshe Safdie has been ditched and a BIG-designed office tower is now planned. I think BIG’s mind is too radical to design something this tall near the ESB. Moshe’s design was certianly not conservative, but I think whatever BIG will produce will be crazier and less respectful to its context… like 2 WTC. In addition, because it will now be office, the tower will inevitably be much shorter. 800’ would have been great to help balance out the eyesoar that will be 262 Fifth.

551’, 34 floors.

I was looking forward to this design. Such a shame.


I liked the Safdie tower, but I suspect that BIG will deliver nicely here. Feldman will have two BIG projects rising simultaneously .


I prefer the condo design. This neighborhood needs greater height, and the Safdie tower works well with the church.

I hope they stay residential.


This particular situation has perplexed me from the beginning. Ziel Feldman has made a fortune off restoring historic buildings and for the most part does a great job at that. He appears to have a love or at least an eye for historic architecture. He hires great architects for his new builds. I hope he realized he made a mistake and is trying to write his wrong here.