NEW YORK | 29th & Fifth | 555 FT | 34 FLOORS


Nothing. It’s not covered in netting. That’s a shadow.


no, clearly there’s netting…


Ophizer is referring to 11 w 30th which is covered in netting from roberts post a while ago. Not the most recent string of pics.

Im almost positive that 11 w 30th is not going anywhere. Probably just some facade work or window replacement or some such maintenance.


I’m not sure which building you lads are referring to. In any event, The gorgeous building to the east is not part of the assemblage.

June 21st


This one you posted a few weeks ago.

Anyway., cant wait to see this start rising. Now that the lot is almost cleared, when do we expect construction to start? (Unless there is more demo or prep to be done?)


July 6th


Aug 2nd

Preparing to demolish the last structure on the site, which is located on 30th St

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


Aug 5th


Aug 10th




Sep 15




Great find, VG. Of the three rising nearby (ie, this, 281 5th, and 15 E 30th), this will be the best IMO. However, now that a fourth tower, 260 5th, was announced, I think that it may be the best. 260 5th will be adjacent to this on the 29th St side.


Today by me, the second shot is a panorama from my phone, the last structure has about two floors left before its completely demolished. lol at the taxi in the middle

Crazy to imagine what was here before. Credit: Google Maps Street View


Oct 4




Hasta la vista, baby!

Oct 11th




I think this is close to the right position for this tower? This line of sight should have it sitting next to eventi hotel tower (the darker looking tower next to it which is a bit over 600 ft and a block or 2 closer)


Really Nice!