NEW YORK | 29th & Fifth | 555 FT | 34 FLOORS


How many buildings left to be demolished for this project?


This one and the little white one with the gabled roof next door.


this is a good example of an 800 foot tower that has flown completely under my radar. 1st I have heard of this one.


Do you know about 15 E 30th and 281 5th?


maybe? need to see a render. I have not memorized all of the street addresses.


ya I have seen that before but it is definitely under the radar.


May 16th


May 25th

Versus Nov 15, 2016


May 26th


The last structure is basically gone’!!!

May 31st


Great article by the talented Evan Bindglass on New York Yimby:

Moshe Safdie is a way better architect that the Hack Vinoly, and This project is much nicer than the lame box across the street at 281 Fifth.

I only wish that HFZ were not stripping the facades of the beautiful old townhouses.


Nice! ESB getting some company … and it’s 796’. :slight_smile:


This has grown on me and looks much better in context after getting used to it for a few months.


I think it looks great. Moshie Safdie is a great architect, and Ziel Friedman is delivering a nice tower here.


The large building on the 30th Street side is gone.


800’ tower in close proximity to the ESB is no joke. I like Safdies work & I think this design will stun and i think it will look kinda like 56 Leonard?..sort of.


I agree, VG.


June 14th


June 16th


what’s happening with that building covered in netting in the first picture??
I hope they are not demolishing it!