NEW YORK | 292-294 5th Ave | 206 FT | 20 FLOORS


Good find, Yim. It looks acceptable.


Today. Seems like they are doing about 2 floors/week which is pretty fast.


I hope that this turns out ok. If it does, it’s a shame that they didn’t acquire the filthy piece of garbage on the corner.




Great photos, JC.



If a god exists, I pray that this turns out acceptably and not as a heinous PoS. I’m not expecting quality, but I sincerely hope to avoid garbage.


Sam Chang snaps up $76M construction loan for NoMad hotel

Sam Chang’s McSam Hotel Group has secured a $76 million construction loan to top off a Nomad hotel.

The loan, provided by S3 Capital Partners, an arm of Spruce Capital Partners, will ensure Chang’s future 88,000-square-foot hotel at will reach completion, the lender said. The 21-story building will consist of about 180 hotel rooms, along with 17 apartments on the upper four floors, according to filings with the city’s Department of Buildings. Gene Kaufman is designing the project.

Chang bought the site from fellow hotelier Richard Born for [$42.5 million] in December 2016. The following year, he spoke of plans for a “4-and-a-half star hotel” anchored by an upscale hotel brand.



Looks like about 5 more floors to go.


This one is topped out. I feel like it looks better now than it will when it is completed. That’s how bad Kaufman is.

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