NEW YORK | 29-33 West 57th St | FT | FLOORS


Eh, I think they will probably hold… I don’t see any additional 57th Street supertalls moving forward (hotel or otherwise) til 2019/20.


There’s a Lendlease sign at the site with the address of 29 W 57th St.


A 1,000’ Stern would be quite nice here.

March 11th


I really hope they break ground soon!


I’d at least like to see the design.


That too! This project is so mysterious…


Waiting for Godot on Aug 11th


I wonder what is planned for this site.

Dec 2


Yimby’s great article today about 111 W 57th included a photo of this empty lot. What a crime.


Central Park Tower’s mini-me. Pretty terrible.


Nooooooooooooooo. That is awful. How many square feet?


Very sad.





There are homeless shelters all over Manhattan, including in this neighborhood already. Won’t make any difference in their property values.

The whining neighbors should get a grip. Cities aren’t going to be 100% wealthy people.


LOL this is some really privilaged white people stuff. You haven’t really lived until you’ve allegedly been doing booger sugar and thought it was a good idea to give a homeless guy a ride at 4 in the morning & then he proceeds to rob you. That’s the American dream y’all.