NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS


This tower will look a lot like the southern portion of the one behind it on E 29th St.


you may only purchase condos if your name is Rich.


I guess Karl Marx was running loose in the area!




Nov 16



Dec 12




First part of the tower crane.


Wow! Is this at street level?


Technically it is still below grade since it is just foundation so far. Part of what is at street level is just some parts of the foundation and they have blocked off a good portion of the sidewalk on 5th ave which makes it look like part is at st level?


Thx. Good photos, JC



HFZ’s tower will be looming over this church in time.

This street really is heinous. The garage and broken down tenements must come down ASAP.


Nice update Robert, is the tower crane completely installed?


Thx, NYC.

It appeared to be at the back of the site near the street.






Great update Robert! and fantastic photos.


Thanks, NYC!