NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS


Posted today.

L A M E !!!


I agree. Hopefully, the details will make up for it.



I don’t think so. It seems that there are only two of those double-height cut-outs. This building will be s.h.i…t.


at the moment it looks like a poor emulation of Foster’s design for 100 e 53rd.


But Foster’s tower had the unique, folded facade. Moishe’s tower is feces.




Vinoly sucks!!


Vinoly sucks, but I like this better than 125 Greenwich (another Vinoly, haha)


Like the pictures, but, by seeing the renderings of the whole tower, I think it could’ve gone better than this.
Like the the few gardens and trees on some floors, but that’s not enough!
Sorry, Vinoly.


I wonder what the facade will be made of.

At least we got rid of the two shoddy buildings on the corner, though I would have liked for the third one in to have been preserved.

Something will rise on these junky parcels to east, including that filthy, white garage.



July 6th


Falling Condo Construction Debris Seriously Injures Man In Midtown

071416FifthAvenueDebirs.jpg 5th Avenue and 30th Street (image via Google Maps)
A man was seriously injured yesterday when he was struck in the head by falling construction debris in Midtown. The unnamed man had been waiting for a walk signal while heading northbound on Fifth Avenue near 30th Street when a wooden plank came loose from a nearby safety panel and fell onto him, the Daily News reports. A Fire Department spokesperson confirmed that the man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

“I saw a man laying upside down and he was bleeding very bad from the head,” Anwal Schenwarie, 62, a street vendor who had been working nearby, told the tabloid. “He wasn’t moving. But there was a lot of blood. His hands were full of blood, too. Blood was all over the floor. I think he was in bad shape.” Witnesses told the tabloids the man was in his sixties or seventies.

Witnesses to the terrifying accident told the Post that two women rushed to help the man, while another onlooker stood in the street, directing traffic around him before help arrived. In February, a construction worker was seriously injured by falling from a Midtown building. In 2014, a man was “nearly decapitated” by debris falling from the Times Square M&M’s World store.

The construction site has been given a partial stop work order from the Department of Buildings following yesterday’s incident. It notes that a fence piece was taken by the wind and hit the pedestrian in the head.

The debris that struck the pedestrian yesterday was part of a wall around a construction site for a new 52-story condo building coming to 281 Fifth Avenue. New York YIMBY notes that the building will top out at 705 feet tall and include a spa, library, fitness center, and street level retail space. CBS reports the section that fell onto the man was a green painted “Post No Bills” wooden wall. Here’s what it will eventually look like when it’s done chucking debris at people:


How sad.

This piece of garbage tower is bad luck.


Here is an update


The buildings just to the east of this site, including the white parking garage, are utterly heinous.

Aug 28th






From 09/20 The pit is deep!


Entire site photo!