NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS


LOL! You crack me up (in a good way), Robert!

It is definitely simple. I’d rather have this than nothing, though. Chicago would be going nuts!


I agree, Lion.


Expect something VERY lame.


Golly. It looks terribly boring. Such potential unfortunately looks like it’s gonna be wasted. Tssk. Lets hope it doesn’t taint the area too much. Thats what we get for being kinda spoiled and expecting at least novel designs hahaha.


Of the three towers rising simultaneously nearby, this has the worst design and the worst location. There are busted down tenements to the east and empty lots on the north side of 30th.


I’m still kind of in denial and hoping that the sort of drawing we got before was only a massing and that the design has at least something unique. I keep hope until I see a full render.


Don’t count on it!


Taken today. Sucks it will be so boring.


I like the building on the northwest corner with the copper roof.


I agree . It’s really nice. That area is filled with great old buildings.


From the developer’s site.

Another lame design by Vinoly:

Of the three towers rising simultaneously in this immediate area, this will be the worst.

Also, Vinoly is such a hack and has huge nads to criticize developers when he designs such banal towers.


I spoke with someone from LendLease who confirmed that although, Moishe Shuster owns several adjacent buildings, no more will be razed. The building will rise over the footprint of the buildings razed thus far.

I really hope that Moishe doesn’t ruin the facades of the nice old townhouses and cover them with glass. That would add insult to injury to this lousy project.


Did you ever get the feeling that these developers draw up these incredible, sleek conceptual designs just to get people interested and quiet critics while they know full well that they are going to build something like a slab. Everyone gets very excited. Wow, look what they are going to build in our neighborhood! Instead you get a design that maximizes profit by being easy to build. And it was probably the structure they intended to build from the very beginning.


I don’t think so. Many really amazing towers are rising at the moment. This tower would be fine on a side street, but not on 5th. Moishe and Vinoly are lame.


I agree, there are many wonderful towers going up, its very exciting. I don’t always mind an unimaginative but reasonably attractive building, but I am not happy when I feel suspect that we have been baited.


I agree. This will be the worst of the trio that includes 3 W 29th and 15 E 30th.


I’m really not interested in this banal Vinoly/Moishe Shuster PoS, but here’s the site on May 25th.


These pieces of garbage are located just east of 281 5th.

At a minimum, The garage will be redeveloped. Thus, the eastern views from Vinoly’s/Shuster’s PoS will be blocked!

May 26th

Also, HFZ’s tower will rise right behind the old office tower, and thus, it will block the western views of Shuster’s PoS!


I like Moishe and Victor Group! Hopefully the design improves… it isn’t done yet! And 239 Tenth is certainly nice.


You know them better than I do, so I defer to you.

With respect to the “design,” as per guys from Lend Lease, it will be a lame stick, like a mini 432 Park.

The other Moishe, Mr. Sadie, is responsible for a much nicer tower across the street.