NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | 663 FT | 52 FLOORS


I’m not expecting much from Moishe Schuster and Bargman.

Feb 29th


I snapped this shot of the site of 281 Fifth from in front of the site of 15 E 30th. HFZ’s W 29th/30th St tower will rise behind the old office building and church.

March 1st.


March 10th


Netting has gone up on 275. Hopefully, it will be the next domino to fall!

March 17th


Don’t expect much here. I just spoke with someone from LendLease who said it basically looks like a 750’, glass version of 432 Park without the drum areas.

Of the 3 projects that will be rising simultaneously on this block, this will be the shortest and likely, the lamest.

I guess Moishe is looking to save some shekels on this project.


I’m not surprised. It’s Vinoly.

750’ ? A slight height bump.


He just described the shape. I thought the DOB filings said 750.


via DOB

728 FEET


So it looks like this Vinoly-special will rise.

Further, the developer’s buildings located at 273 and 275 Fifth won’t come down. 273 is nice, but 275 is not. Hopefully, it will be renovated.


This was a good scoop by yim by.




That’s not what’s rising. Fortunately, we’re getting a very similar tower by the same architect on E 59th.

Unfortunately, we’re getting a classic Vinoly-stick at this site.


haha, why must he continue to bless us with his specials!


Aw man. Thats a buzz kill. :frowning:

Well, win some, lose some. Plenty more projects to keep us distracted from banal architecture.


Of the three projects in this immediate area, this, JD Carlisle’s 15 E 30th, and HFZ’s 4 W29th, this will be the worst.


I agree, but the podium would be pretty interesting from street level.


Hopefully thats not the final design. The podium looks nice, so maybe once better renderings come out, possibly the glass and box nature of it could work. There on a good start with the base, but the rest needs work IMO.


I think it is. The design leaked by Yimby is on DG Equity’s website, and it matches the DOB filing.



Great find, VG.

This thing is Lame!